Project Manager Mallorca

Here in APARICIO & PARTNER we offer you our Project Manager service if you wish to ease and speed up the process and the realization of your project.

Our great knowledge in the area of Construction together with our management capability and organization makes it possible for the Project Manager to take care of all of the project’s tasks, from the draft to the implementation and delivery, ensuring its realization and quality.


¡¡Do not worry about anything at all…

…the Project Manager will do everything for you!!


  • Control and monitor the entire building procees
  • Direct and manage all the aspects related to the realization of the project: team members, direct suppliers, outside contractors, etc…
  • Monitor all defined and deliverable milestones

By leaving your project in our Project Manager’s you ensure the optimization of resources in  order to obtain the best results with a minimal cost.


Tell us your idea and for sure we will be able to help you.