The masonry is a building, mostly structural, of high tradition consisting of laying materials for the construction of walls and borders, parameters on streets and other
places where this type of construction is required. These types of materials are referred to as mampuestos, and materials such as stones, concrete or finished concrete
blocks, regular or non-regular bricks and rocks can be used. In ancient times the walls were built in masonry with the supposed materials and soon they were covered
with a net.

Although this method is still in use today, builders have now decided to use concrete, mortar, mortar and other mixtures to fix the masonry.


– Affected masonry

It is called this way when the elements are placed in a polygonal form that their
faces are interrelated or together. The purpose is that the top of the construction
has a more or less flat and regular appearance, depending on the materials used.

Neat masonry: This kind of masonry is done with a cement, plaster or lime mortar.
These are used to fill overlapping elements as a fastener and to fill any gaps that
may remain after placing stones, bricks, or other material.

Care Masonry: The materials are cultivated in the part of the face that is exposed to
the outside or the most visible to the public. This external parameter will be in a
regular manner without being characterized by an excess of relief.

– Limited masonry

In this type of masonry the walls are made of bricks and are formed with mortar in
columns, are fixed from the ground with beams and filled with concrete. It is ideal
for contractions of height and it will be able to support a ceiling and other
elements. Its exterior can resist the walls of the horizontal shape in this way, and
has the ability to resist wind shaking at the same time.

In dry construction, the materials are superimposed without coating, neither sealing
nor filling, i. no mortar is required. The masons are put together with care and
caution. They are usually small and light materials for their respective endurance.
This type of small materials is called gravel.

Structural masonry are used for buildings such as houses, towers, etc. These
structures are fastened with elements, pieces or materials of masonry in vertical
position, with mortar, mainly of cement and inside they are made with metal bars for
its resistance and guarantee and durability reinforced.

– brickwork

The brick is one of the most common masonry materials. The brick is a paste of dyes
from ceramics and clay, which is processed until it forms what the brick is.
Constructions made of brick mortars attached to another vertical or horizontal, such
as cates one-sided and regular, but in some cases giving uneven, lend decorative and
different aspects of construction. It is the type of masonry ideal for the
construction of family houses.

Stone masonry refers to building work a, masonry where stones are broken and cut so
far, but that depends on whether the construction was carried out with regular or
irregular stones. The stones are previously cut and shaped for this type of work,
which is usually used for walls or partitions on roads or places near waste or rivers.

An expanded structure wall is a kind of rigid masonry to ensure that its resistance to
all eventualities of the natural, as winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. is given.
This type of masonry is one of the safest and elastic since the elements are attached
with a durable mortar and parts subject to the strength and durability.

– Partially reinforced masonry

It is when the materials are both fixed with a mortar and without fixation, then it is
a combination that is placed by vertical reinforcement with mortar in the bristles or
holes with a maximum separation of about 2.40 m, and with a maximum separation of
approx. 80cm. This type of masonry makes it possible to combine bricks and materials
with shapes, for example vertical with horizontal.

Common or simple masonry. In this case, there is no reinforcement as mortar, but the
materials or parts are dominant, i.e. they can withstand compression which counteracts
the stress and which is generated horizontally by other forces.

Masonry as decoration. It is the kind of masonry that is used as a decorative motif and
decorative walls.