Did you know that you can isolate your entire home from the outside?

There is a thermal insulation that allows us to create a cover in the house or building, thus avoiding energy losses in the entire circumference. This type of insulation provides a great help to adjust the energy criteria required by the current regulations, such as the DB-HE of the CTE, to achieve a great energetic improvement in our house.
The system is applicable both in new work and in rehabilitation and accepts horizontal and oblique surfaces. It is not a structural or load resistor, but if it offers durability in the housing and in the various examples beside the thermal insulation, we can have other characteristics such as: tightness, resistance to diffusion of water vapor, fire resistance, resistance to impact, crack resistance etc. Type of systems we can solve problems, such as condensation moisture.


The system consists of a prefabricated insulating board made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) + mortar layer + reinforcing mesh + mortar layer + finish coating.


I. Preparation of the support: The support must be a clean and flat surface.

II. Installation of insulating panels: The panels are glued to the substrate by adhesive mortar. The contact area between the carrier and the plates should be 100%. The verticality and planimetry of the plates are very important.

III. Mechanical fastening of insulation panels: It is made by expansive mechanical anchors placed after curing the adhesive mortar.

IV. Reinforcement in posts, lintels and corners: to minimize heat bridges.
V. Application of Reinforcement Profiles: Reinforcement corner profiles are attached to all edges of the system.

VI. Insulation of insulating boards: Once the insulating boards are fixed, the first layer of mortar is placed on which the reinforcing net is embedded. After drying, apply the second mortar layer, which completely wraps the reinforcing fabric.

VII. Final coating: Once the second layer of the mortar has dried, an infinite number of finish coatings can be applied, depending on the needs of each particular case.